My Path To Who I Am.

Since a young age, I have wanted to find a way to not only help people but, have a lasting impact on their lives. People spend the greater majority of their time on this earth working. Like everyone I have interacted with, I have wanted to enjoy my life and by extension my work. For me, doing everything I can to help someone realize their business dreams allows me to live out my purpose. Business and all of its intricacies were my first fascination and quite frankly obsession. Helping people thrive doing what they love has become my passion. It did not all start out as sunshine and knowing exactly what I wanted to do. It all started with my dad in 1983 and his vision to provide an incredible future for his family. He started his construction company, Nicosia Construction, that year. Fast forward to 10 years later and I entered the picture on job sites before I could walk. From site selection to excavation to finish work, Nicosia Construction did it all.

My dad ended his construction career in his home state as one of the most respected contractors in his area. Fortunately, I was able to work with him starting in high school and ending about 13 years later. I walk away with a love for building, a passion for business, and a deep appreciation for what hard work can get you.

 However, those were not the two most important things I gained from my construction experience. A strong sense of being ethical no matter the cost and always doing the right thing no matter the amount of effort it takes. My grandfather instilled in me the importance of doing something you love. He would always tell me, “Do you really want to spend the rest of your life doing (insert my recent job goals as a child)”. One thing always stood out to me during my tenure at Nicosia Construction, I always enjoyed every second of the business and operations side of the business.

One aspect of the business side that always fascinated me is the means by which people market themselves. This fascination leads me to learn and refine many skills that allow me to help various businesses to project their own unique voice, that purpose behind their business, to our digital world. Enter Valenter LLC, your voice personified and digitized. 

– Tony Nicosia

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