Where My Journey Started.

My name is Dennis Becerra, yes, like Dennis the menace. I bet you won’t forget that. I am Mexican proud, and family means the world to me. From my young age, my parents taught me that you always have to make yourself heard to change the world that you want to see. My dad has always been an advocate for democracy and justice. My amazing mother is a fighter, supporting her family in so many ways that are too many to list. I can tell you that they made me the best person that I am.

My Path To Who I Am.

Since a young age, I have wanted to find a way to not only help people but, have a lasting impact on their lives. People spend the greater majority of their time on this earth working. Like everyone I have interacted with, I have wanted to enjoy my life and by extension my work. For me, doing everything I can to help someone realize their business dreams allows me to live out my purpose.

Identify Your Brand's Voice.

There is no doubt that a social media presence is essential to connecting with your clients and potential customers. Your social media branding can have a big impact on how much value you are able to deliver to your audience. Having a personable and unique voice is vitally important to creating a relationship with your clients. 

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