Dennis Becerra

Content Producer / Marketing Specialist

My journey started a few years back in Sacramento, California, in a local newsroom, where I began as an assignment desk editor. I used to receive calls from the viewers and local agencies asking to cover their stories. I found that something was missing in my community, a lack of personal touch. After that, I worked very hard and pulled long shifts until I was promoted to the position I dreamed of, News Producer.

Tony Nicosia

Marketing & Business Consultant

Since a young age, I have wanted to find a way to not only help people but, have a lasting impact on their lives. People spend the greater majority of their time on this earth working. Like everyone I have interacted with, I have wanted to enjoy my life and by extension my work. For me, doing everything I can to help someone realize their business dreams allows me to live out my purpose. Business and all of its intricacies were my first fascination and quite frankly obsession. Helping people thrive doing what they love has become my passion.

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