Where My Journey Started.

My name is Dennis Becerra, yes, like Dennis the menace. I bet you won’t forget that. I am Mexican proud, and family means the world to me. From my young age, my parents taught me that you always have to make yourself heard to change the world that you want to see. My dad has always been an advocate for democracy and justice. My amazing mother is a fighter, supporting her family in so many ways that are too many to list. I can tell you that they made me the best person that I am. My parents used to take my siblings and me to less fortunate areas, where poverty was very tangible. These people’s homes were built with recycled materials and had dirt floors. There I learned to care for others that could not speak for themselves because life is tough. Yet, I saw something in these people that we all need to have, hope for better and a fighter’s spirit because that inspires change and makes it happen. 

My journey started a few years back in Sacramento, California, in a local newsroom, where I began as an assignment desk editor. I used to receive calls from the viewers and local agencies asking to cover their stories. I found that something was missing in my community, a lack of personal touch. After that, I worked very hard and pulled long shifts until I was promoted to the position I dreamed of, News Producer.

 There is a specific reason why I wanted that position so bad; I could decide what content my community needed and wanted to see! From education goals to uplifting lifestyle stories, I became passionate about communications and realized that communication is the key to every relationship. Over these past wonderful years, I had the honor of working and helping wonderful people and business owners to build the foundation of their businesses and personal projects, creating the awareness of their brand or creating the career of their dreams. Together we have worked through taking risks, daring greatly, and living life to the fullest through storytelling.

In my present, my fiance and I decided to start an adventure that is called Valenter LLC. Our goal is to bring a fresh and unique voice to business marketing. We would love to connect with you and know who you are, and if you don’t know that yet, we can walk with you to discover the voice within you.  

– Dennis Becerra

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